Rentox 100U Injection Botulinum Toxin Type A for Wrinkle Removal

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    Rentox 100U Injection Botulinum Toxin Type A for Wrinkle Removal


    Rentox botox is ideal for correcting chronic facial wrinkles, hemifacial spasms, blepharospasm, focal spasticity of the wrist and hand in stroke patients. It is also ideal for patients with paralytic strabismus.

    Key Benefits of Rentox

    • It is a non-surgical cosmetic composition that works well to eliminate facial imperfections including wrinkles and fine lines.
    • It does not contain foreign bodies like gelatin, albumin, and proteins.
    • Being hypoallergenic Rentox does not evoke allergies, making it safe for use.
    • This product contains high-purity Botulinum type A toxin, with the lowest level of diffusion among similar toxins

    Who is Rentox For?

    • Ideal for people looking for a pocket-friendly yet effective botox treatment. 
    • The improved formula of the preparation does not contain: proteins, albumin, gelatin, compared with other similar drugs.
    • Has the least diffusion among all botulinum toxins currently known.
    • It is fast acting (often the patient can see the result already from day 3) while producing long-term results, often lasting over half a year (6-8 months) 
    • A product that helps improve facial appearance by eliminating wrinkles.

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